Between 4-9 October 2018 innovation and development of entrepreneurship have been the basis of the work mission organized by the Business Information Center of Macedonia – BIC in the presence of Prof. Luigi A. Dell’Aquila representing the European Academy of the Regions and in the presence of Dr. Juan Manuel Revuelta, representing Finnova Foundation (a foundation supporting the development of innovative start-ups).

The visit showed a strong synergy between the public and private sectors of the country, connected by a partnership aimed at developing and growing the country, through innovation, in the various economic and business sectors. Specifically, technical meetings were held with the Municipality of Strumica and the Shtip Universities “Goce Delchev” and “San Cirillo e Metodio” in Skopije, with the Minister for the Regulation of Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as with the Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia.

Meetings were also held in companies with high technological innovation potential, in the midst of knowing the challenges of the territory and being able to better focus the opportunities on which to build projects in favor of the Macedonian territory.

In this regard, the importance of strategically creating an academic program linked to the challenges posed by the public and private sectors, which could help the start-up phase for the technological innovation of Macedonian companies, was underlined. Strategy that was shared in the Shtip and Skopje universities during the related institutional meetings. The topics related to “Technology Transfer” and to education, research and applicative fields were discussed.

From the visit to some companies the themes of Bioeconomic and Aggrotech find fertile ground, being a field where you can work well. Therefore, the vision and the challenges of this collaboration between the public and private sectors in Macedonia, the European Academy of Regions and Finnova Fondation can be summarized in these points:

  • Network between the partners involved in the job mission, as the educational strategy on entrepreneurship and on European Project Management, connected to a support of the Finnova Foundation, connected to the Start Up Europe Awards, can accelerate the ability of companies in the start phase -up in different sectors;
  • Development of a specific sector of communication of the opportunities that Europe offers to businesses and young people, concerning training and mobility, as well as concerning the “transfer of skills” between European and Macedonian companies;
  • Inclusion of new technologies, supporting the city and entrepreneurship in order to insert the concept of “Smart City” within the social fabric;
  • Find synergies in public-private funds, especially in the food safety sector;
  • Development of the energy sector, to support the public sector for a better use of sustainable energy resources.

In conclusion, we  thank the Business Information Center for the organization and strategic importance of this work mission. This has allowed us to focus on the challenges that from now on to the next future the new network will be called to develop.

For further details please visit below the links: Video: Presentation of First Business Innovation Center in Strumica, Macedonia

BIC SR (Business innovation Centre Strumica) Macedonia and Startup Europe Awards in Macedonia 2018

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