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At its meeting on 12 January, the Board of Directors welcomed the support offered by Government of Flanders in  terms of a grant of 3000 euro with the agreement that EAR-AER will contribute to its the goals. 

EAR-AER will assist to promote Flanders at EU level and back Flanders efforts of assisting Government of Flanders in terms of a grant with the agreement that EAR-AER will contribute to its Eastern-European EU and neighbouring countries in their economic and democratic development.


The Romanian association “Suport”, represented by Mrs. Silvia Daniela Prohib, President of Centru Region, Brasov, has been accepted as a new partner. The Board decided to organize a first fact finding mission to Romania, possibly combined with visits to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, to meet various partners and regions for promoting the Academy’s activities and examining cooperation opportunities.

As regards other activities planned for 2016, the high level conference on regional development will be organized end of April, beginning of May. The project of organising a Summer School may be postponed.