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Important updates about our activities and accomplishments

It’s been 10 exciting years!

With the occasion of our 10th anniversary, the EAR-AER Board of Directors would like to thank all our members, honorary members and faculty members, as well as all partners who have joined our various projects, all friends we have met throughout these years, and in...

12 March 2024, Innovation Talks –The Future of Protein

On Tuesday, March 12th, our President Nelu Neacsu participated in the roundtable discussion „Innovation Talks: The Future of Protein“ organised by SME Connect in the European Economic and Social Committee. The event was hosted by Dr. PAUL RÜBIG, Member of the European...

European Academy of the Regions and Global join forces!

The European Academy of the Regions – Académie européenne des régions (EAR-AER) is an international non-profit and non-political association, founded in 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of EAR-AER is to promote the idea of regionalisation and of regional action as a...

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