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Important updates about our activities and accomplishments

Possible collaboration between EAR-AER and PWN Romania

On the 15th November 2023, during the EAR-AER board of directors meeting was organized an online meeting with Mrs. Carmen Burtea, vice-president and Mrs. Ileana Botez, president of PWN Romania (Professional Women`s Network Romania). We had a...

EAR-AER and Vama Buzăului commune towards future cooperation.

On Monday, 23rd October 2023, our President Nelu Neacsu met Mr. Tiberiu Nicolae Chirilas, the Mayor of Vama Buzăului commune. It was an interesting discussion about local development opportunities with European funding for the benefit of the residents. Vama Buzăului...

13th October 2023 -EAR-AER board of directors’ meeting

The EAR-AER board of directors looked and approved the financial reports for 2022 and its events, business meetings in the creation of Our Faculty, and future cooperation with new friends as: PhD Özlem Gül - Izmir Bakırçay University, Türkiye and Mr. Tomaz Toplak,...

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