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Our Departments

The EAR-AER is focused on multiple aspects of government policy such as: 

Justice and Anti-Corruption Department (JACdep)

The founding members share the view that most acts of organized crime and corruption are the result of individual choices and should not be treated as an intrinsic characteristic of the Balkans and Europe.
Thus, EAR-AER seeks to highlight more economic and social options that can feed new habits and ultimately trigger systemic change.
Furthermore, JACdep will be in charge of the EAR-AER’s activities following this thematic strand.

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EU Funds Department (EUFdep)

EAR-AER provides support and guidance in accessing  EU Funds and implementing projects.
EUFdep is closely monitoring and assessing new information about the European funding programs and can be consulted by interested partners.

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Mrs. Ionica ONCIOIU

+40 744 32 29 11

Regional Development Department (RDdep)

This department focuses on: employment, administrative capacity building, education, health care, culture and the means of financing.

The closer authorities are to a region, the better they are able to identify needs and valuable players in the region in order to create a suitable development policy.
RDdep will assist with exchanging good practice and cooperation in cross-border projects and attracting financial players for regional or local projects.
RDdep will focus on vulnerable regions or municipalities that are determined to create new business and employment opportunities, thanks to out-of-the-box-thinking projects.

Contact Department

Mr. Louis Delcart

+32 477 62 50 05

Mobility, Transport and Environment Department (MTEdep)

This department focuses on making cities and regions more efficient, healthy, well managed, sustainable, clean and attractive.

Fields of interest are notably transport, mobility and environment, but also employment and innovation, areas that affect daily life.
MTEdep will promote efforts supporting research, innovation, energy efficiency, improving transport links within and between regions and much more.

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Healthcare Innovation and Government Policy Department (HCIGPdep)

One of the primary areas of activities would be to promote advancements in healthcare, such as the ventricular assist devices (VADs) in support of patients with heart failure.

The department is aimed at awareness raising, attracting EU funding and establishing consortia, in order to contribute to building the infrastructure and expertise required at regional level.

Contact Department

Mr. Reinhard  Eichweber

 +31 6 51027270


Energy Department (Edep)

Energy department its focusing its activities on educational knowledge transfer about energy market, and to contribute to developing sustainable energy projects in various European markets.

Within the single European Energy Market, a new role opens for regional authorities and municipalities to embark on their own decision-making, thanks to the decentralized generation caused by photovoltaic energy, wind energy, geothermic energy and hydro energy.

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Urban Planning and Spatial Development Department (UPSDdep)

The Urban planning and spatial development department will assists the regional and local authorities on urban planning and the development of environmental, social, cultural, economic sustainability that is linked to this expertise. The department focuses herein on innovation and smart ideas.

By insisting on the importance for the national, regional and local authorities of policy and decision making in urban planning, the department tries to unlock the potential development capacity of the regions and cities for the future generations, not only in the matters of infrastructure, well connected transportation, spatial economics, development of cities and habitable areas, but also to reinforce cultural identities, social cultural and natural heritage, traditions, lifestyles, biodiversity as an important factor to generate creativity, diversity and wealth.

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