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On 14th October 2016, the three members of EAR-AER board met the president of  Vlore County Council,  Mr. Sadrit Danaj.

Mr. Danaj presented the new organisation of the country with the 63 merged municipalities and the role of the regional council. He explained that, in Vlorë region, municipalities focused on practical development of their areas, while strategic development and the acquisition of funds for those purposes was left to the regional council. The seven new municipalities of the region chose therefore to concentrate on the touristic development of the region, focusing on the historical and natural assets of the region and the attraction of tourists all year round. A new logo and regional name “South” was developed and initiatives were launched to promote Vlorë in the field of nautical sports and resorts.

Mr. Sadrit Danaj recognised the principles of his county`s governance in the regional approach outlined by Mr. Delcart.

During a lively debate with his collaborators, question focused on coaching local civil servants in submitting proposals for  various EU programs.

Mr. Neacsu presented the EAR-AER and its goals /activities and offered co-operation and support for the above mentioned objectives. The region South was invited to become member of EAR-AER.  

The meeting was organised with the support of the new EAR-AER Albania partner, CRLDS (Center for Regional and Local Development Studies Albania) and in particular Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj.


Group with president

With president of council Vlore