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On the 21st June 2017, at the town hall of the self-governing community of Telavi the EAR-AER delegates were received by the deputy-mayor, Mr. Davit Napirieli.

Mr. Neacsu presented the goals of the academy and insisted upon the financial and moral support of the Government of Flanders that enabled this fact finding mission.

EAR-AER and Telavi detected possibilities of cooperation. The community was interested in the organisation of evening classes in existing high schools.

It was agreed that M. Delcart will make suggestions for programs. The deputy-mayor insisted on integrating training in the agricultural domain enabling farmers to catch up with the newest methods and technology.

Moreover the subject of toxic waste appeared, more clearly the remains of asbestos. All regions of Georgia face the problem of buildings from the former Soviet times where roofs and other parts contain asbestos. Accidents such as explosions disseminate the toxic waste in the air but also in the soil and the ground water. Regions face the problem but do not find answers. There are no tools of treating untouched asbestos and certainly not to treat destroyed asbestos plates.

M. Delcart committed to find out in Brussels and also to check for potential funds to clean up the rubbish and reduce the risk.Telavi Telavi 2