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EAR-AER`s New Year Reception with keynote speaker Mr. Ivan Jakovčić, Member of European Parliament. We are honoured to welcome Mr. Oriano Otočan ALDA President, officials from Government of Flanders such as Mr. Sam Vandenabelle, director and Mr. Hendrix Theunissen, deputy head of the cabinet foreign affairs, Horst Heitz executive director of SME Europe, Jan Van Doren, head of Voka Metropolitan, representatives of the Employer’s Organization of Flanders VOKA, Frederic Fabre, Secretary General of European Projects Association, Awad Chanas, President, representatives of the regional offices in Brussels, such as Bavaria, Istria, Lombardie, Podkarpackie and Opolskie from Poland, as well business representatives from Albania, Belgium, France, România, Ucraina, Turkey.

We would like to thank VOKA for hosting us and the Region of Istria, Croatia, Romania and Flemish region for the opportunity to taste their regional products.

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