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On the 23rd of February, EAR-AER president Mr. Nelu Neacsu had a meeting with President of the ROVEST Cluster, Romania,  Mrs. Gabriela ILIN.

On this occasion, was discussed the importance of sustainable development of the Romanian Regions by involving the decision makers of the Romanian governmental, regional and local authorities in the joint projects of the two Associations mentioned above

The need for a joint strategy, courses and seminars to develop the capacities of the new gen eration of integration through diversity at European macro-regional level has also been highlighted.

The objectives of the ROVEST Cluster are:

  • create and promote a harmonious framework of interaction among all stakeholders operating in the value chain in the field of healthcare ;
  • developing a platform for research, development and innovation and involvement private sector to innovation and technology transfer;
  • supporting and promoting projects of common interest, including large projects, transregional ;
  • integration support for educational offers to the real needs of the environment business in the medical, tourism, etc., in the Western Region of Romania ;
  • promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship by offering relevant solutions for the renewal and modernization of the sector;
  • creating optimal tools and channels for effective management and transparency of information and opportunities in the field;
  • development of partnerships at home and abroad to achieve the objectives of the association;

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