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On Thursday 25/10, CRLDS and EAR-AER  with the financial support of Government of Flanders, organised a joint open lecture on the impact of Tourism on Regional Development in the council hall of the regional authority of Berat, Albania.  The lecture was part of the 3rd Forum on Regional and Local Economic Development- FoRLEd 2018.

In his lecture EAR-AER board member prof. Louis Delcart, explained that if a regional or local government coordinates initiatives with some competence, a complete region v-can enjoy a much higher added value, which by far exceeds the tourist aspect. During his presentation he emphasised  on the various types of tourism and the competences, such as -planning, ICT skills, logistics, marketing & communication- it requires to bring them to a successful level. He also insisted on the multiple stakeholders that are involved in the development of touristic activities, going from hotel & restaurant owners, regional products developers and farmers specialised in regional products, stand builders for trade fairs, to the visitors in general.

During her presentation, CRLDS executive director Luiza Hoxhaj, developed the need for collaboration between all partners in the touristic development strategy of a region. She emphasised especially on the necessity to combine a regional strategic thinking process with a branding exercise This brand formulated as baseline of the region’s name should therefore declare what the region stands for and distinguishes itself from other regions.

The open lecture was attended by thirty people, among who 2 mayors, the prefect of the region, responsible civil servants from various administrations and responsible as well for public infrastructure as for economic activities in the region.