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On the 31st March 2021 was organized a successful online meeting between EAR-AER board members and Hriday Ch. Sarma Team Coordinator of the Global Coalition for Frontier Markets (GCFM).

We discussed further collaboration and common events on the clean energy and climate change.

We would like to remind you that our EAR-AER President, Nelu Neacsu, became a member of GCFM COORDINATION COMMITTEE – Caucasus on February 8th, 2021.

Caucasus-Asia Center has taken the initiative to launch the Global Coalition for Frontier Markets (GCFM). This is an open and broad coalition of non-traditional media outlets, research organizations and business entities, both private and government supported, from frontier countries around the world. The concept of frontier countries is used by international financial institutions to describe those small developing nations whose economies still exhibit greater risk than emerging markets, yet possess significant potential for investment and growth. The coalition is expected to grow in terms of scope, volume and diversity with time. As more organizations become members, the more potential they have to contribute their own character and values towards shaping the grand coalition. It is envisioned to become a ‘one-stop’ liaison for all frontier countries with the international community. Its responsibility and activities become particularly important in the present context due to the rising political and economic uncertainties, alongside new environmental problems.

The GCFM embodies the collective and common interests of all frontier countries. It is committed towards upholding and implementing the “General Agreement for Frontier Markets”. The agreement is premised on United Nations 2030 Development Agenda, which all member parties have agreed to endorse and pursue in their voluntary capacities. The coalition promotes and pursues the Sustainable Development Agenda, which endorses regional and global economic integration and interconnectivity, in academic and business development activities.