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The aims of our organization have been subject to a profound evolution during the past months. The demand became more practical and hands-on. Therefore, the board of directors of the organization decided to modify not only its statutes but also its name and logo. Started as European Institute of the Regions studying and advocating the regional approach, the board decided to become European Academy of the Regions, offering training and consultancy to municipalities, provinces, counties and regions in their effort of building capacity on their own in economic and social development and in their tentative to participate to European projects. The abbreviation of the organization will include its English and French denomination: EAR – AER, insisting on its European vocation.

The European Academy of the Regions will offer the following services in the future:

  1. Organisation and/or participation to events in Brussels for regional representatives, as well from the public as from the private sector, encouraging to become more acquainted with the European decision centers.
  2. Training regional public authorities and non-profit organisations in the role they can play in economic and social development of their region in collaboration with the local civil society players.
  3. Consultancy in anti-corruption measures, in traditional regional development tools such as urban planning, public works, water and garbage treatment, mobility improvement measures as well as in vocational training and education, assistance to SMEs, affordable housing measures etc.
  4. Consultancy in introducing proposals for European funds as well in the region and in Brussels.