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On Wednesday 22th of April 2015 took place a lunch meeting with Belgian Telecom and Digital Agenda minister  Alexander De Croo on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Belgian Federation of Chambers of Commerce of which M. L.Delcart, head of department of EAR-AER is a member. Minister De Croo entertained his attendees about his now projects for digitalization of various aspect of Belgian life, as well in public authorities matters as in business matters. E-governance and e-commerce as well as e-invoicing are steps that should be promoted in Belgium and in Europe. Minister De Croo is convinced that this digitalization will create a large amount of jobs in the coming years. Within the next two years suppliers to the government will be obliged to invoice digitally , the minister said. He also wants new measures against illegal downloading , more focus on cyber security and privacy. Finally, digital start-ups should receive all odds , according to De Croo . The government announced a tax shelter and lower labor costs for business start-ups , like a series of tax incentives for crowdfunding.