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On 3rd of June 2015, Nelu Neacsu and Louis Delcart met Mrs. Mariana Gâju – Mayor of Cumpăna, Romania.

EAR/AER was tasked to examine business opportunities alongside the canal Danube – Black Sea and possible developments in the canal area, as part of the larger core corridor Rhine-Danube, which focuses on the rehabilitation of the fairways and removing bottlenecks with regard to inland waterways.

Although the navigation on the Danube is still subject to natural and administrative obstacles, there is a firm interest from several industries to develop inland navigation from the Black Sea toward the North Sea.

For the European Commission, the Rhine-Danube corridor is one of the core corridors of the trans-European transport networks and the Danube in particular is considered a political priority.

For Cumpăna, such developments would translate into attracting investors and sustainable job creation.