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Our board member, Louis Delcart did in the framework of regional development a mission to Cape Verde between 28.03.2016  and 11.4.2016 to Cape Verde.

The mission was commanded by the Belgian organisation Ex-change. The aim of the mission was to set up an international department in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Sotavento (CCISS), based in the capital Praia. The Chamber itself does not export but promotes export. It groups companies that want to participate to fairs abroad and receives foreign companies that intent to visit the islands by giving local Capeverdian companies the opportunity to present their products.

The project approach consisted of 3 parts:

  1. Market research: need description of the companies willing to export and comparing them with the ideas of the CCISS’s responsible staff. And description of the situation of export in Cape Verde after interview of 24 key persons from embassies, ministries, governmental agencies and companies.
  2. Producing a Master plan containing suggestions for actions of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Sotavento
  3. Proposing strategic issues for internationalization of Cape Verde, the board of CCISS could use during their advocacy efforts.

We delivered the beneficiary 3 documents and an action after the 10-day mission:

  1. Questionnaire for SurveyMonkey destined to companies interested in exporting
  2. Diary: report about all the contacts we had
  3. Master Plan: text, goals, time line + PPT presentation to be used to present to other parties
  4. Export Plan: a PPT presentation, we produced also in front of 3 interested companies

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