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The two board members of EAR-AER, Mr. Nelu Neacsu and Mr. Louis Delcart were on a fact finding mission to Romania between 5-11 May 2016 thanks to the financial support of the Government of Flanders.

“Regional Development Prospects of the South – East Region” was the subject of the first conference organized by the European Academy of the Regions Romanian Team.

The conference which took place in the venues of the Municipality of Cumpăna, Constanta, on Thursday 6 May 2016 was hosted by Mrs. Mariana Gaju, Mayor of Cumpana.

Mr. Adrian Viorel Nicolescu, the prefect of Constanta, honored the conference with his presence.

Mr. Neacsu made a presentation of EAR-AER and Mr. Delcart spoke about the benefits of a regional approach in economic and social development.

The audience agreed that such an approach was much closer to the citizens, more aware of and focused on the specific needs of a community, and beneficial for the democratic interest of the public. The regional approach is not in contradiction with national interests, but tends to create efficiency in domains such as economic development & support of SMEs and in the promotion of the triple helix approach for collaboration between universities and technical colleges on the one hand and private companies on the other.

After the conference, Mrs. Gaju introduced her foreign guests to the many social and economic realizations in Cumpăna with the support of the European Union. This enabled them to have a better view on the situation and understand the Mayor’s vision of the future, to the development of which EAR-AER could contribute. EAR-AER would envisage integrating a circular economy pilot project in the new industrial zoning, which is planned for Cumpana.

After the conference, the prefect of  Constanţa, Mr. Adrian Viorel Nicolescu  invited Mr. Nelu Neacsu, president of EAR-AER to ask the Flemish Government to provide the necessary funds in order to help the newly created South-East Region in Romania in its regionalisation efforts following the in Romania appreciated Flemish model.


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