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During its board meeting of September 5th  2016, the board members of the European Academy of the Regions appointed  Dr. Jan Haizmann as new board member and as head of the newly created department of energy.

Mr. Haizmann is managing director of Correggio Consulting, specialized in energy matters and board member of EFET, the European Federation of Energy Traders.

Mr. Haizmann aims at focusing his activities as head of department on educational knowledge transfer about energy market, and to contribute to developing sustainable energy projects in various European markets. Within the single European Energy Market, a new role opens for regional authorities and municipalities to embark on their own decision-making, thanks to the decentralized generation caused by photovoltaic energy, wind energy, geothermic energy and hydro energy.

The EAR-AER energy department envisages to  host a breakfast meeting on 26 October 2016. EAR-AER is planning a series of breakfast meetings in the coming months.