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During its board meeting of September 5th  2016, the European Academy of the Regions featured Mr. Henri Malosse  as new honorary member.

Former representative of the French Chambers of Commerce in Brussels, Mr. Malosse  became member of the European Social and Economic Committee in 1995 and he was the 30th President of the EESC, the 5th European institution in the European protocol order, from 2013 until 2015.

He is the author of books about European subsidies and stood at the cradle of E.E.N., the European Enterprise Network.

He continues to be active as a politician, partly in Brussels as member of the EESC until 2020, partly in his homeland Corsica, where he gives advice to the newly created special status region (Collectivité territoriale) and where he is chairman of the House of Europe (Maison de l’Europe).

In the framework of his honorary membership of EAR-AER, Mr. Malosse agreed to promote the activities of EAR-AER in his homeland and to seek for support for the organization in the form of a recognition of the organization as promotor of the regional approach, an approach dear to Corsica.

Henri Malosse