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On the third day of the EARAER fact finding mission toAlbania, the board members were brought to Elbasan, a city at 45 km east from Tirana.

Two presentations took place. The first one was at the Multimodal Center of the Aleksander Xhuvani university.

Presentations were done by Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj, president of the Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development in Albania, by Mr. Nelu Neacsu; who presented the aims of EARAER and prof. Ionica Oncioiu, who presented the funding possibilities offered by the EU, through various programs such as IPA, the crossborder program and European Citizen 2020.

Prof Oncioiu insisted upon the opportunities offer in the preaccess stage to Albania as well as upon the strategy to introduce proposals in the framework of these programs.

In the attentive audience, were present Mrs. Imelda Sijdeni, dean of the Faculty of Economy, Mrs. Zamira Çabiri, head of the Medical department, M. Sqardi Dafa, vice general manager of the Tax Authority in Albania and Member of the board of directors of CRLDS and a member of the Regional Council of Elbasan.

In the aula of the Faculty of Economy Mr. Louis Delcart gave a lecture about the regional approach as methodology to stimulate social and economic development in Europe. The audience was composed by the hereabove mentioned prominents as well as the professors of the Economic Faculty of Elbasan University. The audience appreciated the introduction of new aspects such as cradle to cradle economy and cleantech as new opportunities in business development, the multiple possibilities in Internet of Things applications and the triple helix collaboration in regional development.

The feedback on the conference was given by Mrs. Dean Sijdeni who emphasised that the principles of a regional approach were applicable in Albania and could contribute to a better development of the regional economy.

She also emphasised that Elbasan university was eager to collaborate in project applications with EAR Brussels and picture Univ