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On 29th November 2016, during an wine degustation “Discover the Oldest Wine Tradition-Georgia`s Emergence in the European Wine Scene, Bridges Build by SMEs” organized by  SME EUROPE of the EPP in Brussels, Mr. Neacsu and Mr. Delcart entered in contact with Ms. Teona Lavrelashvili, secretary-general of “Friends of Georgia International” and Mr. Giorgi Rcheulishvili, general manager of LV Standard Group.

Both organizations made plans to organize an EAR-AER fact finding mission to Georgia in April 2017, with the financial support of the Flemish Government.

The aim of the mission will be doing discover the social and economic development of the Republic in the field, the authorities’ views, and realizations in a regional approach, as well in economic as in energy development and to meet the regional civil society such as chambers of commerce, employers’organisations, cultural organizations and the regional media.

Conferences about entrepreneurship are also planned in universities of the country.