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On 30-5-2017 the board members of EAR-AER were invited by Dr. Natalie Sabanadze, Georgia’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU.

The invitation came on the occasion of the imminent visit of the board members to Tbilisi during 18-22/6/2017, organized by Ms. Teona Lavrelashvili. 

M. Nelu Neacsu and M. Louis Delcart explained the goals of EAR-AER, focusing on the involvement of local and regional authorities in a triple helix context and the purpose of the visit to Tbilisi, during which the board will meet officials from the Georgian government, the Town Hall of Tbilisi and the Georgian Chamber of Commerce.

Among the proposed topics to be addressed during the visit, Dr. Sabanadze emphasized the link between employment and education, a priority for the Georgian government, as well as healthcare reform with an important social insurance aspect, renewable energy and the commitment of the Georgian government to invest in Hydro-energy, in Wind energy and in Solar energy, and last but not least, the interest of the local authorities for separate waste treatment and waste recycling initiatives.

Dr. Sabanadze suggested also a visit to the new technology park in Tbilisi, aimed at enabling young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, and to the Public Service Hall which enables citizens to accomplish administrative operations with the government in minutes. Such Hall exists also in other cities of the country and will also be developed for companies as a one stop shop for fast administrative operations.

Her Excellency committed to participate to the year concluding seminar on new trends and successes in regional development, which EAR-AER is planning to organize in November in collaboration with AER, the Assembly of European Regions.