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On June 19th board members MM. Nelu Neacsu and Louis Delcart had a first meeting with Mr. Giorgi Kacharava, projects director of the EU-Georgia Business Council in Tbilisi.

This organisation founded by the large oil companies BP-Total and Standard, brings the international companies and internationally oriented Georgian companies together. It has been invited to be member of the Georgian Prime Minister investment council. Mr. Neacsu presented the goals of the academy and insisted upon the financial and moral support of the Flemish Government that enabled this fact finding mission. Mr. Kacharava insisted on the lack of flexibility from the EU administration not allowing Georgian citizens to work in the EU, although an association agreement including free trade agreement has been signed. He suggested to work with the principal of circular migration allowing skilled workers such as nurses with a temporary work permit of 3 years to acquire an update of their knowhow, improving the capacity of the services afterwards in Georgia. He also insisted on the multiple initiatives and funds from the EU towards Georgia but pointed out the lack of coordination between them and the lack of global overview and planning of all the opportunities. Information can be found on, but not everything is present.