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On June 19th board members MM. Nelu Neacsu and Louis Delcart were received by the dean of the law faculty of the State University of Tbilisi, Dr. Irakli Burduli.

The State University of Tbilisi is the oldest and largest university of the Caucasus region. Its law faculty is also the largest in the area with 800 active students among which 300 undergraduates. Georgia’s legislation is mainly based upon the German legislation.

The Law school has strong links with similar institutes in Cologne and Speyer.

After the meeting with the dean Mr. Delcart gave a lecture about the Regional approach to an attentive public of professors of the law school. A lively discussion and Q&A closed this lecture session of more than an hour.

A visit to professors of the Chemistry Faculty, among which prof. Ramaz Gakhokidze, director of the department of Bioorganic chemistry -also composer- ended this visit.

with dean