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on the 20th June, Mr Nelu Neacsu and Mr, Jan Haizmann had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Energy, Mr. Ilia Eloshvili.

The Ministry of Energy has been drafting a National Energy Strategy, which will be published in the fall of2018. Though there is limited transparency on the work of the Ministry and no official stakeholder involvement foreseen.

The Georgian energy market is very small and liquidity can only be enhanced in co-operation with markets in neibouring countries. As there is political tension between various neighbours, Georgia is in a good position to benefit from its neutrality and offer itself as neutral platform of co-operation with Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

We suggested to the Market Operator to start preparing for a cross-regional cooperation and invite the market operators from various countries to Tbilisi. Assessment on trading on the new market should be performed (study, roadmap on how to establish a new market and how to attract new players to it).

with deputy minister