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On the 21st of June, EAR-AER delegates met the deputy-mayor of Tbilisi, Mr. Irakli Ledkvinadze and his staff member Mr. Kakhaberi Gvantseladze, head of the office.

Tbilisi is member of Eurocities as well as of Energy cities and of Resilient cities. This last one provided them with a grant from the Rockefeller fund. They also are part of a brownfield fund.

Mr. Neacsu presented the goals of the academy and insisted upon the financial and moral support of the  Government of Flanders that enabled this fact finding mission.

It has been agreed that EAR-AER will send an invitation to Tbilisi city to become member and to provide them with information about waste recycling and other climat change issues.


Publiée par თბილისის მერია / Tbilisi City Hall sur Mardi 20 juin 2017

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