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From November 30th till December 2nd 2017 will take place the Second Forum of Regional and Local Economic Development in the Albanian port town of Vlorë.

The Forum, to which participants from the Western Balkan countries will attend, was supported from its first edition by the European Academy of the Regions in Brussels and organized by its Albanian member, the Center for European Policy Studies for Regional and Local Development.

The Forum received the academic support this year from the University Ismail Qemali of Vlorë, and logistic support from the Regional Council of Vlorë  Region, Vlorë  Municipality, Regional Youth Center of Vlorë and the Government of Flanders.

The following EAR-AER members of the board will be speakers at the Forum and moderating discussions:

Mr. Henri Malosse (F), former president of EESC (the European Economic and Social Committee) and honorary member of EAR-AER will be speaking during the Opening Session about: “Advantages of the Community-led Local Development approach;

Mr. Nelu Neacsu (RO), president of the EAR-AER treats “New app technologies for regional development” during the third session about Digital Economy & Innovation;

Mr. Louis Delcart (B), member of the EAR-AER board and guest lecturer of the Free University of Brussels offers an overview during session 5 on “Towards a circular economy – recycling waste as new raw materials and the involvement of regions in the process”;

Mr.  Stephan Ressl (A), member of the EAR-AER board and energy specialist will be propose during the second session, aspects of the “Development of smart grids for renewable energy with a regional approach: best practices and perspectives”;

Mr. Dean Fushekati (B), Belgian architect with Albanian roots and guest speaker invited by EAR-AER gives answers during session 4 to the question: “What chances are there for a city or a region within the national urbanistic plans issued by the Albanian government?”

Dr. Reinhard Eichweber (NL), member of the EAR-AER Healthcare Department will have an intervention on the integration of patients with psychiatric disorder, and the infrastructure that guarantees to handle the guidelines, in emergency problems as myocardial infarct- infarct in brain- in which no time should be lost. The differences of health service in the towns and countryside. He will meet representatives from medicine faculty of University of Vlore.

The main objective of the Forum is to promote a European approach on regional and local development by the promotion of an exchange of ideas, of reflections and prospects and by the encouragement of academics to collect more comprehensive information on “real world” issues. It intends in this way to influence policy makers to use what emerges from the academic debate and encourages citizens and civil society to play an active role in social, political, economic and scientific life providing them with tools for a better – shared- future in the Western Balkans countries.

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