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Experts and a Member of (MEP) have shown concern over the growing and in Pakistan, which are hurting not only the country but also the Western nations.

Speaking on the side-lines of the 37th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva, Mr. Henri Malosseat based European Academy of the Regions, said:

“I think more and more experts are visiting to check the situation, it’s not improving despite all the speeches, maybe the laws are not implemented properly. So, there is a growing concern about the situation in Of course, we are cautious because of the geopolitical situation.”

He added, has been in the past one of the closest ally and friend of the U.S. So, it has always an image of the pro-Western country despite the entire situation we know. If you compare with a country like Iran, where you cannot find any Iranian terrorist for the last 40 years, but you can find a lot of Pakistanis, but look at different consideration as of how Western look at and how they look at

Mr. Malosse further said “that the situation has changed a little bit but that is not enough”.