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Brussels, 25th May 2018

Dear members and partners,

We  have the pleasure to inform you that between 6-14 May 2018, the EAR-AER organised a mission in Romania (Bucharest and Cumpana, Constanta County) with the financial support of Government of Flanders.

The events featured speakers from 7 different countries as:

Mr. Nelu NEACSU – EAR-AER President

Mr. Henri MALOSSE -– Member and Former President of the European Economic Social Committee (EESC) and EAR-AER Honorary Member, France,

Mr. Louis DELCART – Board member and Head of Regional Development Department EAR – AER, Belgium,

Mrs. Luiza HOXHAJ – Executive Director at CRLDS Albania (Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development), EAR-AER Representative in Albania,

Mrs. Rezarta AGALLIU – President of Legambiente Vlore, Albania,

Mrs. Ph.D. Blerina BRAMI – Researcher, the “Giorgio Lago” Regional Studies Centre of the University of Padua, Italy.

Mr. Ph.D Luigi A. DELL’AQUILA – Knowledge Management & Intellectual Capital – Consulting and Training  Center, Rome, Italy,

Mr. Dr. Reinhard EICHWEBER – Member of Healthcare Department EAR – AER, The Netherlands.

The mission was organised with the support of EAR-AER Romanian Team coordinated by Mrs. Ionica Oncioiu, EAR-AER vice-president and Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, Accountancy and and Business Administration, Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest and Mrs. Alina Stanciu, head of events and marketing department.

We would like to thank also to Mrs Mariana GAJU, Mayor of Cumpana and Mr. Avram Gal, former deputy Mayor of Campia Turzi for their personal support and involved engagement during the mission.

Please find below a summary of the mission:

7 May 2018

EAR-AER delegates were welcomed at the Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest

EAR-AER board member Louis Delcart delivered a lecture at Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest

8 May 2018

EAR-AER organised the conference “Benefits of Territorial Cooperation” in collaboration with Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest and with the support of the Government of Flanders.

Press clippings:

9 May 2018

EAR-AER with the support of Cumpăna Hall and Government of Flanders  organised on the occasion of Europe Day the conference “Benefits of Territorial Cooperation”.

The conference took place at the Multifunctional Health Care Centre, Cumpăna,  and gathered several prominent figures from the Romanian political scenery,  and experts from across Europe, who shared their knowledge, insights and case studies on a wide spectrum of issues that make up territorial cooperation.

Press clippings:

10 May 2018

The EAR-AER mission in Romania received the positive support of the Prime Minister Viorica Dancila

Regional Cooperation means engaging at all levels of government and with civil society. The EAR-AER mission in Romania succeeded in engaging stakeholders in a multilevel approach.

This received the positive support of the Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, when she met EAR-AER honorary members Madi Sharma and Henri Malosse in the margins of the event.

EAR – AER delegation met the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Mr. Gheorghe Popa

EAR – AER delegation represented by the President, Mr. Nelu Neacșu and the Vice president, Mrs. Ionica Oncioiu, had a meeting with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Mr. Gheorghe Popa, in order to develop new cultural projects in Romania.

11 May 2018

EAR-AER delegates welcomed by Associate Professor Camelia Cojocaru, PhD, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest.

The visit was facilitated by Professor Ionica Oncioiu, PhD, EAR-AER vice-president.

12 May 2018

EAR-AER is about bringing inspiration and role models into the classroom, Madi Sharma, University of Bucharest, 12 May 2018

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The next EAR-AER mission will be in Albania, at the end of October 2018, and will be organised together with the  “Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development” , EAR-AER Representative in Albania and the financial support of the Government of Flanders.

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