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On the July 3rd in afternoon, EAR-AER organised a meeting with Mr. Rodolphe Van Weyenbergh, general manager of Brussels Hotel Association for Italian Cosme students Mrs Anastasia Farago and Mr. Aldo Di Fabrizio and their professor Luigi Dell’Aquila

Mr. Rodolphe Van Weyenbergh, general manager of Brussels Hotel Association, insisted on the strong economic input of the Brussels hotel sector, with 12.000 jobs and of the Brussels touristic sector in general with 30.000 jobs.

The Brussels Hotel Association monitors all reglementations taken on a federal and a regional level, but collaborates also intensively with local authorities in order to create a lively social and cultural environment able to attract tourists during all seasons.

The Cosme students showed a lot of interest in the explanations and intended to apply them to their regional environment in Southern Italy.

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