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EAR-AER Board member Louis Delcart just returned from a successful mission to Tbilisi Georgia. During the week of September 17th till 22th he delivered a course about “Marketing Policies in the development of new businesses in rising economies” to students of the Bachelor’s degrees in Law, Tourism and Business management of the New Higher Education Institute,  a private university in Tbilisi.

The course was optional, but students from various years participated and uttered their appreciation about the very interactive methodology applied by the teacher and about the interesting topics he applied to the local Georgian economic situation. Mr. Delcart was invited to address the students during the welcome session on Monday 17th. On Thursday he made a discovery presentation for many students in one of the auditoriums and the next days he was surrounded by students of all levels in the library with very interactive workshops.

The New Higher Education Institute –as the private university commonly calls itself – will now examine the way in extending the collaboration possibilities with our Academy for the near future.

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