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On 10th December 2018, our Honorary Member, Mr. Henri Malosse presented the role of the Academy to strengthen the role of public local authorities for exchange of best practices in the European Area at the GeorgianTechnical University,Tbilisi, Georgia.

He also explained the role of the European Economic and Social Committee and of the European Committee of the Regions.

He gave a quite pessimistic view of the actual situation of the EU ( Brexit, Bureaucracy , tensions among Member states ).

His conclusion was that Georgia has to work on its own resources ,strengthen its production capacity , develop further cooperation with EU through the already signed Association Agreement and the Deep Comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement (DCFTA) and with other countries in order  to attract investments and to give training and experience acquisition opportunities for the YOUTH.

Georgia shouldn’t have too much expectations to access in the EU tight now as the EU is too much preoccupied by internal division and is not ready to accept new Members as long it has not resolved internal problems.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Malosse expressed wishes of a renovated EU, more decentralized and less technocratic.

We quote” It is the matter of all Europeans, including Georgians”.