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The closing conference in Ankara  was the fifth action of the project “Improvement of Women Entrepreneurship with the EU” that EAR-AER and ERSIAD Ankara are cooperating on, as part of the roll-out action on promoting female entrepreneurship within the European Project “Supporting Civil Society Dialog between EU and Turkey”.

The event gather together more than 100  participants from private and public sector, media representatives, as well as NGO representatives and was honoured by the attendance of distinguished  guests among others: Mr. Bülent Özcan, Acting Director General for Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Ali Arslantaş, Governor of Erzincan.

The opening address was delivered by the ERSIAD President, Mr. Tevhit Şevket Tavşanoğlu welcomed the participants and presented the steps already undertaken by the ERSIAD to stimulate women entrepreneurship, follow by addresses of the EAR-AER president, Mr. Nelu Neacsu thanked the organizers and congratulate the efforts of ERSIAD made to promote women entrepreneurship at regional and local level during the current project and presented the role of the EAR-AER .

“Our main contribution was to provide contacts and networking opportunities for the study visit in Brussels, to facilitate exchange of good practices with EU partners, to provide assistance in project implementation and contribute to its management, and last but not least, to disseminate and promote the results of the project among stakeholders and policy makers in the EU. Based on this role,  our academy made all the necessary efforts to facilitate in November 2019 the organisation of the ERSIAD visit in Brussels with several meetings with EU officials from the European Commission, the European Economic Social Committee (EESC), the European Committee of the Regions (COR) and representatives of European and Belgian Associations such  as:  KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), SME Europe of the EPP, SETA Brussels ASBL and Brussels University. A panel debate on “Women Entrepreneurs in Europe” was also organised also. The meetings were hosted in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the European house of civil society”. 

The Governor of the province of Erzincan, Mr. Ali Arslantaş, stated that women are the corner milestone of family as well as society and that society has the obligation to assist them in taking up these duties. The fact that, by setting up businesses, the also contribute financially to the wellbeing of their family and of their community, makes the win the esteem of the entire society.

Mrs. Rezarta Agalliu, EAR-AER representative in Vlore, presented an overview of the meetings with EU-senior public officers of various directorate-generals, regional organisations and civil society representatives on EU-level that have been organised by EAR-AER for the ERSIAD delegates during their Brussels study visit in November 2019.

Mrs. Ionica Oncioiu,  EAR-AER vice-president, presented the conclusions on the  Research Results within the Framework of the Project Survey.  The survey was dominated by women with intentions of self-employment & with a strong educational background, The respondents are convinced of the different approaches in business between men and women,  Although traditionally they select more “feminine” business as characteristic for women entrepreneurial, there are less negative towards construction and agriculture than in Western Europe,  the subjects and methods that in general are stimulate in a process to enhance women entrepreneurship in a region. She  presented also the various possibilities the EU offered in setting up specialized programs in the matter in its collaboration with Turkey.

An interesting  debate with five women entrepreneurs as speakers was organise: Mrs. Hülya Akpunar,  Founder of Erzincan New Life Fighting with Cancer Association-Erzincan Yeni Hayat Kanserle Mücadele Derneği. Mrs. Aysema Çayıroğlu, Wooden goods producer, Mrs. Feryal Haşlak, Founder of Development Cooperative of Bayburt Sisterhood and Local Goods-Bayburtlu Bacılar Yöresel Ürünler Kalkınma Kooperatifi,  Mrs. Gülden Kurt, currently a student but has an idea to start a business on dairy products and Mrs. Sünbül Ballı, Volunteer at ERDAV (Erzincan Service to Goodness and Solidarity Association-Erzincan Hayra Hizmet ve Dayanışma Vakfı).