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Brussels, 23 April 2020

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to everybody involved in putting together  and finalising the project “Improvement of Women Entrepreneurship with the EU” that EAR-AER and ERSIAD Ankara were cooperating on, as part of the roll-out action on promoting female entrepreneurship within the European Project “Supporting Civil Society Dialog between EU and Turkey”.

Thank you / teşekkür ederim / multumesc , everyone, for a successful project, in particular the ERSIAD Ankara president,  Mr. Tevhit Şevket Tavşanoğlu, the Project Team (Emre, Ecem, Turgay), the EAR-AER board members (Nelly and Louis), the EAR-AER representatives (Rezarta and Silvia-Daniela) and the EAR-AER external collaborators (Alma, Elena, Florin and Marilena).

The locations, the generous welcome and support from the hosts, the convivial atmosphere, all contributed to the success of the project and a truly rewarding experience.

I look forward to cooperate with you in the future projects!

Nelu Neacsu, President of EAR-AER