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The pandemic crisis highlighted the need to protect vulnerable groups, especially those living in poverty and experiencing informal and precarious work, as well as older persons. Our organization believes that now, more than ever, is the time for active involvement in protecting the rights of vulnerable groups.

In this regard, today, 16 December 2020, EAR-AER started online discussions with Symplexis to develop a project proposal in the third call for proposals “Promoting the participation of migrants in the design and implementation of integration policies“. Symplexis and EAR-AER are planning to submit an application under the newly published AMIF 2020 call. Symplexis is a Greek NGO that specializes in the social protection of vulnerable groups, human rights, educational inclusion, and youth development with a rich activity in this field.

The video meeting between the representatives of Symplexis ( George Alexopoulos Symplexis’ General Manager and Alexandra Koufouli, Project Officer) and EAR-AER representatives (Nelu Neacşu, Silvia Daniela Pohrib, and Manoela Popescu – MP Business Consulting) clarified aspects related both to the project proposal considered and to other ways of involvement in the field of protection of the rights of vulnerable groups in the context of the pandemic crisis.

ERA aims to bring it to the table of consultations both local and national authorities, as well as refugee and migrant organizations, NGOs and CSOs, and TNCs from different countries, in order to the design, implementation, and evaluation of policies that directly affect integration and rights of vulnerable groups.

EAR-AER is aware that only by synergistically bringing together the efforts of all parties involved will we create a world of solidarity in which human rights are respected and in which vulnerable groups are protected and integrated in an efficient and sustainable manner.