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Dear members, partners and friends of EAR-AER,

The EAR-AER objective of promoting regional action as a tool for employment, as well as creating wealth and trust for its long-term members and partners, is now more relevant than ever.

Therefore, the year 2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, meant for EAR-AER a year of manifestation of solidarity and involvement in social projects.

EAR-AER also added value and wealth not only to members and partners, but also to the relationships developed in a year of social distancing and restrictions.

At the end of the year, but not of the crisis, we reflect on the efforts made by those on the front lines of the war against the virus, thanking them and all those involved in this fight.

Now, our thoughts are moving towards the future, towards the year 2021, which we want as the year of European reconstruction, the year of development, the year of performance in all aspects.

We expect you to enjoy together a path of respect and solidarity, full of achievements, wealth, and value, with new dimensions approached events, projects, and dreams.

We are thanking to the Government of Flanders for the continued financial support. We hope that in 2021 will be possible again to organize fact-finding missions to Moldova, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania and Ukraine, among others, and to participate in the events organized by our members or partners, such as the Western Balkans Forum for Regional and Local Economic Development in Vlorë, Albania.