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At the initiative of the Brussels Government and the initiative of the Secretary of State for Economic Transition, Barbara Trachte, the delegated mission to finance and, which initially concerned companies in the Horeca sector and its suppliers, is extended to all Brussels economic sectors.

The scheme consists of a loan of at least 75,000 euros, with a maximum of 600,000 euros,for Brussels companies with more than 10 FTEs.

It is a subordinated loan, in quasi-equity, at a reduced rate (from 2%), with a maximum term of 7 years. Given the duration of the crisis, these loans may provide for a long moratorium on the repayment of capital: no repayment is then provided during this period, except interest.

The duration of the aid measure is also extended as loans can be claimed until 31 December 2021.

To date, as part of the delegated mission to finance and, 15 million euros have been awarded to 47 Brussels companies in the Horeca sector and its suppliers.

This financial product is complementary to the “wintering” loan scheme, aimed at companies with less than 10 FTEs set up with Brusoc and which will offer loans of up to 100,000 euros.