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Dear members, partners and friends,

We are happy to inform you that our academy launched a proposal within the framework of the project “Innovative coalition for the development of sustainable and inclusive local economic initiatives in Albania -ICODESILECIA”, belonging to the Lot 3: Fostering inter-municipal innovative collaboration on policy and practice development.

EAR-AER organised a preparatory videoconference on 11 January 2021 with Luiza Hoxhay, Executive Director of the Centre for European Studies on Regional and Local development (CRLDS), Albana Dhimitri, Executive director of the “Institute of Public and Private Policies (IP3) and Emirjona Huti, Adviser at Tirana Regional Council, together with whom, EAR-AER prepares to submit an expression of interest in reply of the call for proposals for the IPA 2019 project “Local level partnerships to advance social inclusion in Albania”.  On this occasion, Louis Delcart, board member of EAR-AER, presented the outline of the proposal and EAR-AER President, Nelu Neacsu, reaffirmed the full support of our academy.

It has been agreed that the Instituti I Politikave Publike dhe Private (Institute of Public and Private Policies) will take the lead in this project that will be inspired by the Donut-Economy principles of Cambridge professor Kate Raworth.

Co-applicants will be the Centre for European Studies on Regional and Local development (CRLDS), the City of Tiranë and the City of Vlorë, the European Academy of the Regions and the universities of both cities.

Associates in the project will be the regions of Vlorë and Tiranë. A project proposal will be developed in the coming days.