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On Thursday 14th January 2021, EAR-AER started the year with its first virtual board meeting: Nelu Neacşu Ionica Oncioiu, Louis Delcart, dr. Reinhard Eichweber, Luiza Hoxhaj, Silvia-Daniela Pohrib and newcomers Sasho Kjosev from Northern Macedonia, representing the Balkan Economic Forum and Manoela Popescu.

The chairman referred to his meeting with Symplexis,Greece (16 December 2020) and he also summarized the Erasmus+ project ‘European Youth Alliance for Green Futurethat was accepted by the EU and in which EAR-AAER will be involved. The lead partner is the World Academy of Local Government and Democracy Foundation in Turkey; Co-partners will also be Asociaţia E-Civis from Romania and ZIP Institute of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Mr. Delcart described the situation of the application of EAR-AER together with CRLDS and the Institute of Public and Private Policies in Tirana, for an IPA project “Local level partnerships to advance social inclusion in Albania”. The tender application is almost finished.

Mr. Kjosev presented the Caucasus-Asia Center of which he is an adviser, and its program Global Coalition for Frontier Markets is looking for internships that could be of interest for EAR-AER.

Ms. Hoxhaj announced that she would like to organize the 4th edition of ForLed in Vlorë in October. It will be a great opportunity to start a first collaboration with the Balkan Economic Forum.

Ms. Pohrib announced the organization of the first edition of the FORUM IT show.

The next meeting will be on the 11th February 2021.