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Dear members, partners and friends,

We are happy to inform you that our academy had on 27th January 2021, an online meeting with Mrs. Simona Iliescu, inspector of the local development department of Ramnicu Valcea Municipality, Romania, and Mr. Silviu Iubitu, Brussels Representative of AMR (Association of Romanian Municipalities).

On this occasion, Nelu Neacsu presented the academy and Manoela Popescu presented the financial opportunities dedicated to Romania for local and regional development, such as Operational Programs and Open Calls (POR 9.1, POR 8.1 –8.1.B, POCU 2.3, POIM), other financial calls, such as Innovation Fund, SSE Grants and Norwegians, the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (SEE 2014-2021) and funds from the Romanian Social Development Fund.

The participants in the meeting shared their ideas and proposals on how to establish a better communication that will enable the Ramnicul Valcea Municipality to apply for some of the presented project proposals. A second meeting will follow in the coming weeks.