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Dear members, partners and friends,

We are pleased to inform you that our EAR-AER President, Nelu Neacsu, became member of GCFM COORDINATION COMMITTEE – Caucasus (

The Caucasus-Asia Center is a non-partisan, non-profit body working in the direction of connecting people and business between Caucasus and countries in Asia. The center is the only of its kind in Asia that focuses on analysing and predicting the unfolding dynamics in the Greater Caucasus region. It was initiatially started with a purpose of building economic and social connections between South Caucasus and South Asia, two adjacent regions in Asia. Over time, the center has widened its focus and scope on broad Asia, which remains the driver of the global economy in the 21st century.

The center empowers its engaging partners/ clients, comprising of private companies, public sector agencies, individual entrepreneurs, community associations and others, to generate fair profits in pursuit of their respective ventures. It works towards linking businesses in different sectors, such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, renewable energy/ power and financial services, between countries in Caucasus and from Asia, but also encourages free trade at the world level.

The center is a pioneering initiative of few like-minded individuals with a passion to work for developing the strategic region at the world stage. The coordinators in team, while working in close coordination with one another, are based in different countries around the world. They perform the operations and management matters, while the advisors share their foresighted opinions towards achieving the center goals and the fellows occasionally produce analytical pieces and provide support in team outreach activities.  The center has a registered office in New Delhi (India).

The Center maintains a friendly relationships with various credible bodies in countries in Caucasus, such as trade associations, universities, government supported institutions, and even prominent private companies. It endeavors to rightly leverage these connections for increasing inward and outward businesses from the region, especially involving the private sector. In the process, the canter envisions to come up as a “one-stop business interface” for market entry and expansion in the Greater Caucasus.

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