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In the beginning of May 2021 EAR-AER decided to start a new blog aiming the contributions of regional and local authorities in the replacement of the linear economy by a circular economy and thus in their contribution to both new types of employment and the fight against global warming and sustainable development of the Planet Earth.

50 articles focusing on all aspects of circular economy, from waste management and waste processing, over recycling textile, recycling concrete, second hand clothes and shopping,  urban farming, disposable packaging, e-waste recycling, recycling plastics, short circuit farming till circular construction and groundwater management passed the review over the months. Today the administration of warned the authors that they reached their 50th contribution ! The honor fell on the contribution from the Walloon Union of Enterprises towards promoting the Sustainable Development Objectives of the UN in the entrepreneurial world.

In the meantime, more than 100 regular readers appeared clicking on the articles when shown on LinkedIn and Facebook. Articles were translated from newspapers in Belgium and the Netherlands in the first place, but also, Canada, US, Switzerland, France and Italy.

EAR-AER is happy to contribute in this way meaningfully to a trend that has more and more followers and is irreversible. It was -and still- is EAR-AER’s intention is to disseminate best practices and bring together parties that want to learn from each other and evolve rapidly.