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On Monday, 10th January 2022, EAR-AER held its 1st online board of directors meeting of the 2022 year.

The agenda included the reports on the past events organized in 2021 and talking about the last article published on the Blog and the future events for 2022 as DigitalNerds Contest– Edition 2022 ( 4-8 April 2022, Brasov, Romania), Summer School in Romania – Entrepreneurship an engine for regional development master class: believe in your dreams (20-28 Jun 2022), Erasmus plus – Conference in Istanbul. Turkey (begging of September 2022),  1st Forum on Local and Regional Economic Development in Skopje, North Macedonia (the second half of September 2022). Additional administrative issues were discussed.

The second online board of directors meeting will be on the 14th March 2022.