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We are happy to inform you that in the framework of the International Conference on Science and Innovation that took place over the weekend of 4-6 March 2022 that took place in Bucharest and Brasov our colleague, Mr. Bogdan Panait, founder of Lexdata and vice-president of the SUPPORT REGION CENTER Association, EAR-AER representative in Brasov,  met the delegates from Vlorë / Bashkia Vlorë and the Regional Council of Vlorë / Këshilli I Qurkut Vlorë. The element that strengthened the connection primarily with the Albanian delegation and our representative and EAR-AER, Mr. Bogdan Panait, as noted and highly appreciated.

The delegation was organized in Romania by the Association for the Promotion and Implementation of Educational Strategies, Bucharest, Romania and REALD University, Vlore, Republic of Albania, and was composed of numerous representatives of the Parliament from  Albania and the Albanian business community, including Mr. Fate Velaj – adviser to the Prime Minister of Albania for International Relations; Prof. Univ. Serrik MUSKAJ, CEO of REALD University, Vlore, Albania, Prof.Univ. Dr. Myzafer ELEZI, Rector of REALD University, Vlore, Albania and, , Mrs. Evgjeni Muskaj, REALD University, Vlore, Albania.

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