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Earlier this week, board member Louis Delcart had an interesting meeting with Geoffroy Vilbert, CEO of Esco Latam, a company in Central America that aims to realize renewable energy projects in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

Virtual Green Valley, empowered by Esco Latam, is coordinating a virtual community of companies, institutes and local authorities that want to get involved in developing, first and foremost, renewable energy projects. The Virtual Green Valley project,, will seek ideas, knowledge centers, implementers, financiers and interested customers -both private and public- and thereby arrive at the actual realization of the project. The community has already experience in the matter and has so far developed several projects of sustainable energy in biomass energy i.a. from palm oil. The community recognized that the development of a sustainable energy trajectory in which agro-industry, but also farmers, make their surpluses available, requires an important awareness effort, in which the local government can also play a significant role.

It was concluded by both discussion partners that there is room for further discussions since EAR-AER and Esco Latam have similar objectives and that EAR-AER is willing to play a role in the themes in which the academy feels strongly.