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On Tuesday 24th January 2023, our President and our Honorary Member Henri Malosse participated in the Conference “Rebuild a sovereign and independent Ukraine, toward a sustainable European perspective” organised in the European Parliament.

The conference was tackling some very serious issues facing the reality of Ukraine nowadays and make suggestions on how the European Union, European Union countries, and other European countries could help to provide, at the end of the war, the best conditions for a sustainable European perspective: Long-term guarantees for the security of Ukraine in its relations with its neighboring countries; Establishing rule of law and a democratic political scene/freedom of expression and rights of the opposition, rights of the minorities; Real freedom of the media, supporting free media and independent journalists;Fight against corruption and transparency of the Economy; Social dialogue and free civil society; Decentralisation, regionalisation, and local democracy.

EAR-AER plans to organize an exploratory visit to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine if conditions permit.

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