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These last fourteen days, board member Louis Delcart performed a ROM (result-oriented monitoring) for a multi-country project attributed to the OECD. A ROM checks several aspects of an EU project: its relevance, its design and intervention logic, its efficiency and effectiveness, its sustainability, and also the communication attributed to it.

The Target groups are the various stakeholders in different countries. Since this project was about the improvement of the business climate in the South-Mediterranean countries, the stakeholders were to be met as well in Ministries as in private sector representative organisations such as employers’ federations. It is a thrilling and interesting job because of meeting high placed and highly qualified people, but it is also time-consuming, finding the right contacts, organising the transport to their locations, interviewing them, writing down the meeting minutes and finally bringing everything together in two final reports. The help of the local European Delegation or EUD is unmistakably precious and given with pleasure.

The help of the contractor, OECD in this case, is paramount and here also the contact was warm and helpful.

Mr. Delcart went to Algeria and Tunisia for some 20 interviews with various stakeholders, meeting some 40 people. He and his colleague now have 10 days time to write their final reports and perform a final debriefing to DH Near on April 3rd.