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The SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION Association,Brasov, Romania, member of EAR-AER and the Business Innovation Working Group (GLIA), contributed to the debate of the document “Public Policy for Defining and Supporting Innovative SMEs“, coordinated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism and ADR North-East, as part of the project “Quality Management and Performance within MEEMA, for the Reduction of Administrative Burden and the Development of Innovative SMEs“(code MySMIS/SIPOCA 129959/716).

The event was addressed to the business environment, to organisations focused on the development of the SME sector, to local authorities, academics, civil society, innovation specialists and regional funding entities. There were open discussions about reducing administrative burden, predictability, transparency, and supporting and developing innovative SMEs.

The speakers emphasized that in the context of building the digital economy and data, firms must innovate by introducing new business models, improving products and processes offered to the market, and adopting increasingly sophisticated technologies. In particular, new technologies and digital solutions increase their opportunities to participate in global value chains.

The debates highlighted that innovation policy plays an important role in increasing competitiveness and accelerating job creation. This aspect has grown in importance for policy decision-makers, amplified by the emergence of Industry 4.0.

The event brought together distinguished representatives from the entrepreneurial and innovation fields, including Simona STANCIU (Project Manager, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism), Petru-Bogdan COJOCARU (Prefect), Cezar ILIU (Coordinator of Public Policy Development, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism), Lucian SANDU (Head of RIS3 Management Office, ADR North-East), Narcis Cătalin TĂBĂCARU (Director AIMMAIPE Iasi), Paul BUTNARIU (President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Iași), Prof.univ.dr. Mihai DIMIAN Scientific Vice-Rector (Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava), Silvia-Daniela POHRIB (President of the SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION Association, board member of EAR-AER Board and member of the Business Innovation Working Group – GLIA), Flaviana ROTARU (President of ROHEALTH, partner of MAT and member of GLIA), and Catalin BUCIUMEANU (Inventikus Cluster, GLIA member).

We congratulate them for their participation and their contribution to the development of public policies that support and encourage business innovation.