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The SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION Association,Brasov, Romania, a member of EAR-AER, and the Business Innovation Working Group (GLIA), contributed to the debate of the document “Public Policy for Defining and Supporting Innovative SMEs“, coordinated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in collaboration with the West Regional Development Agency as part of the project “Quality Management and Performance within MEEMA, for the Reduction of Administrative Burden and the Development of Innovative SMEs“(code MySMIS/SIPOCA 129959/716).

The event was a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices among participants, strengthening collaborations and partnerships for economic development and innovation in the entrepreneurial sector. Successful, internationally recognized companies have exemplified the importance of innovation, technology transfer and sector development. The debate on the public policy for defining and supporting innovative SMEs addressed topics such as reducing the administrative burden, predictability of the business environment and supporting innovative SMEs. The importance of vocational training, the definition of innovative SMEs, the transfer of technology and the creation of financing programs adapted to their needs were highlighted. The difference between invention and innovation was discussed, highlighting the importance of harnessing inventions for the benefit of the business environment and society.

The continuation of the public policy debate to support innovative SMEs demonstrates the commitment and concern to stimulating growth and promoting innovation in the entrepreneurial sector. It is an ongoing process that requires the continued efforts of all stakeholders to create an environment conducive to the development and success of innovative SMEs.

The guests who honored the event were: Simona STANCIU (Project Manager, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism), Cezar ILIU (Public Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism), Agneta KARDOS (Councillor of Timis County Council), Marius V. NICULAE (EU Funds Expert, West RDA), Adina SIMIONESCU (Nord-Este RDA), Adrian PASCUTA (Director AIMMAIPE Timisoara), Gheorghe SECULICI (President of Arad Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture), Alexandra PETCU (Head of Innovation and Technology transfer Department, West University of Timisoara), Mihai LESETCHI (Associate Professor at the Western University of Timisoara), Andrei PELIN (Prof. dr. West University of Timisoara), Prof. univ.dr. Stelian BRAD (PhD, PhD) – Professor in Intelligent Robotics and Innovative Engineering, Technical University of Cluj), Ciprian MAM (Engel Growceanu Business Network), Horia TIMIŞ (the company HEYMEDICA), Cornel AMARIEI (founder of DOTLUMENO), Stefan IARCA (founder of Rayscape), Andrei SON (Continental Automotive Romania), Silvia-Daniela POHRIB (President of the SUPPORT Association REGION CENTER, board member of EAR-AER, MATE partner and member of GLIA), Ana DUCA (ROHEALTH, MATE and member of GLIA), Catalin Buciumeanu (Cluster Inventikus and member of GLIA), Bogdan PANAIT (Vice-President of the S.T.I.I. Association and member of GLIA) and Andreea RADUT ( and member of GLIA).