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Thanks to our board member Mrs Silvia-Daniel PROHIB, EAR-AER was represented at the debate on “Public Policy for Defining and Supporting Innovative SMEs,” held in Brașov, Romania on 7-9 June 2023.

As a partner of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism and a member of the Business Innovation Working Group (GLIA), the SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION Association, a member of the European Academy of the Regions, had the privilege to contribute to this important debate. The debate was coordinated by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism in collaboration with the West Regional Development Agency, as part of the project “Quality Management and Performance within MEEMA, for reducing administrative burden and developing innovative SMEs,” with the code MySMIS/SIPOCA 129959/716. The topics addressed during the debate were essential for the development and promotion of innovative SMEs. We explored the following aspects: The importance of defining innovation and innovative SMEs, which represent the foundation of economic growth and progress. International innovation to learn from the successes of other countries and stimulate cross-border collaboration. Tax facilities tailored to the needs of innovative SMEs, according to their development stage – from startup to maturity. The importance of registering innovative ideas at OSIM and protecting them to promote innovation and ensure a safe business environment. Evaluation of innovative projects by domain experts to guarantee their quality and potential in achieving desired outcomes.

Updating existing legislation to adapt to the needs and challenges of innovative SMEs. Institutional collaboration at all levels and involvement of domain experts, both from the country and diaspora, to stimulate the exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer. Collaboration with the private sector and academia to facilitate expertise transfer in the technological field and the development of technology transfer centers. Additionally, we emphasized the need for effective collaboration between ministries to identify and utilize existing funding opportunities to support innovative SMEs optimally. Debates on innovation ecosystem themes benefited from information on agile innovation ecosystems in the UK and EU presented by Adrian Vonsovici, R&D technology consultant, and specialist in Innovation Incentives in the UK. We thank all those who participated and made valuable contributions to this debate.

Together, we continue on this path of innovation.

📌 Project Team: • Simona STANCIU (Project Manager, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism) • Cezar ILIU (Coordinator for Public Policy Development, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism) • Cezar MANEA (Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism)

📌 Innovation Experts Among the distinguished guests at the event were: • Dragos TOHANEAN – Vice President of the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania; • Florin LUCA – Executive Director AIMMAIPE BRASOV; • Alexandru MITROI, UEFISCDI; • Adrian PURCARU – Counselor, Department of Urban Development (ADR Centru); • Adrian VONSOVICI, R&D and Technology specialist, MSC R&D/Owner, Argessus Photonics Ltd; • Mircea BOSCOIANU – Associate Professor, PhD, Eng., Econ., Transilvania University of Brasov; • Dragoş Florin DAVID – Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development Brasov; • Radu Godeanu – Vice President UGIR • Petronela PITICARI – Manager, Regional Consortium for Dual Education; • Marius APOSTU – Consultant, ICEBERG; • Dragoș SMEU – Founder, Maverick; • Sorin PELIGRAD – PRO AFACERI• Gal ANDRAS – Cluster ACCES And the GLIA members: • Silvia-Daniela POHRIB (President of SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION Association, AER board member, MAT partner, and GLIA member) • Catalin BUCIUMEANU (Inventikus Cluster and GLIA member) • Bogdan PANAIT (Vice President of Ș.T.I.I. Association and GLIA member) • Andreea RADUȚ ( and GLIA member) • Mădălina ARGASEALA (ROHEALTH, MAT partner, and GLIA member).