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The World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO™) Robotics Competition is an international phenomenon and ranks among the most important events organized worldwide for the development of science, technology, and education. It expands the vision of young people in the field of science and technology by improving the learning process and encouraging them to become future engineers, researchers, or inventors.

The theme for WRO® 2023 is “CONNECTING THE WORLD,” focusing on logistics and infrastructure for our digital technology. It brings together young people from around the world to foster their creativity and practical skills.
🚀 Learnex Team has successfully participated once again, continuing the tradition of excellence! We are honored to announce that we have achieved great results in previous editions as well: 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, and now, with pride, in 2023.
🥉 Learnex Explorers ➡️ Project: The Moon WorkForce – 3rd Place Nationally Congratulations to Learnex Explorers team for their impressive performance! Their project, The Moon WorkForce, has secured 3rd place at the national level. We proudly present the team members: Theodor Tontsch (13 years old), Luca Nițu (10 years old), Rareș Moroșanu (10 years old).

🥈 Learnex Doubles ➡️ Project: The Moon Factory – 2nd Place Nationally Learnex Doubles team has excelled in the competition! Their project, The Moon Factory, has achieved 2nd place at the national level. Congratulations to all the team members: Vlad Cozma (13 years old), Sebastian Pufu (13 years old).

Congratulations also to: Trainer: Ionut Filea, Speech Preparer: Alexandra Olariu and Mentor: Silvia-Daniela Pohrib involved in this success!
Stay tuned… the international competition is coming up!