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Important announcement for all digital innovation enthusiasts in Romania!

The Authority for Digitalization in Romania, in partnership with the “SUPPORT CENTRAL REGION” Association and the Association for Science, Technology, and Innovative Entrepreneurs – ȘTII, with the support of Mastercard Romania and The European Academy of the Regions – EAR, is pleased to announce the theme of the year 2023 for the “Digital Challenge” project – “Digital Innovation for a Sustainable Future”.

Here is the event agenda:

📅 July 1, 2023: Launch of registrations for the competition (the international “Digital Challenge”) and distribution of competition topic suggestions on the website; 📅 July 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023, 11:59 PM: Registration period for the competition; 📅 September 1, 2023 – October 7, 2023, 11:59 PM: Project submission period; 📅 October 8, 2023 – October 20, 2023: Project evaluation; 📅 October 21-22, 2023: Conference – physical event (also streamed live) for the presentation of winning projects, award ceremony, support of speaker presentation sessions, company/institution presentations, and workshops; 📅 October 21-22, 2023: Scientific paper session indexed in an international database (Google Academic, ProQuest, EBSCO, SCOPUS, IEEE, etc.) dedicated to university lecturers and industry specialists.

We are proud to announce that the scientific paper session will be supported by DANUBIUS UNIVERSITY GALATI, the academic partner of this project, which will play an essential role in supporting this session within the project.

“Communication is everything, a postulate that brought together a wide range of studies and research in various fields of social sciences and humanities two decades ago. Later on, a Canadian researcher, Marshall McLuhan, told us that ‘the medium is the message,’ somehow anticipating what we now call the ‘era of digitalization.’ The internet is everywhere, digitally connecting the world, and we can say that we are digital because we have the privilege of being contemporaries with the usefulness of digitalization. However, we also know that we need new skills in this fantastic and concrete challenge of digitalization. We enthusiastically acknowledge the need for more young specialists in digitization, and we are extremely pleased to be part of this story called Digital Challenge 2023!” said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andy Pusca, President of Danubius University. Several examples of projects that can be approached in the fields of programming, 3D design, and aeromodelling within the theme of the year 2023 – “Digital Innovation for a Sustainable Future” will be presented on the project’s website

The European Academy of Regions is supporting the “Digital Challenge” project and will contribute to its promotion, roll-out and dissemination of the main findings and recommendations within the Academy’s network.   The EAR-AER President’s message of support for the “Digital Challenge 2023” project can be found here.